Catamaran hire Ibiza

Catamaran rental Ibiza

Catamaran hire Ibiza and enjoy the wonderful islands of Ibiza and Formentera on a charter catamaran.


If you already know the Islands, we will be delighted to take you to the places you like most without having to worry about anything except enjoying.

catamaran rental ibiza

catamaran rental ibiza


Do not worry if you can not take a whole week; we can offer  day charter Ibiza or even outings to see the sunset Ibiza. Propose your plan and we will accommodate it.

Sunset from the “Ara vinc …”

Catamaran charter Ibiza, you will not feel heel and will not have to fight with stuff tiping over. You will have to get used to sail at more than 10 knots, while enjoying your snacks.

If you have not sailed on sailing catamaran, it will be a new feeling and if your experience has been in common catamarans such us Fountaine, Lagoon, etc… you will realise that it was as if the were dragging the anchor.

Do not believe us, try it.

Don’t wait until someone else tells you!!

All our boats are fully equipped so you can have the best Catamaran rental Ibiza